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The network
The network
Italian restorers

Innovation, sustainability and technology

The network aims to be a point of reference for public and private bodies for the analysis, design, consultancy and implementation of projects for the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Each project is coordinated by one of the professionals in the network based on their skills, becoming the sole point of reference for the customer.

The network is organised in a flexible manner, so as to guarantee timeliness in carrying out job orders and high professionalism in the various sectors of intervention. The resources are managed in an efficient and coordinated manner, taking care of the executive project phase in a detailed manner with a precise control of costs and with significant efficiency benefits allowing customers to obtain high quality services at reasonable costs.

The teamwork and the constant communications between the members of the network, the continuous training, the scientific and technical skills acquired and the collaboration with research organisations allow for the development of innovative solutions.

a network of well-established artisan companies that work in synergy in conservative restoration operations of works of art.

Italian restorers

Certification and quality

The network operates according to certified quality criteria

ISO 9001-2015
SOA cat OS2A – grade III

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